"My son, Branden Martinez, joined the Alpha Omega program seven years ago. In seven years I have been able to witness not only my son's success in this program but the same success with so many athletes. This program is more than just a running training program. As a running training program I can tell you that any athlete that completes a year program will experience running their best season. This program helps the athlete shine to their highest ability in the events where they are talented and their program helps the athletes overcome and learn from their weaknesses. This program is very personalized and I can tell you that Alpha Omega is like an extension of our family. We had the Blessing of experiencing personally Arthur Foster's program in its inception. "
– Carmen Martinez, Parent
"Alpha has had many positive experiences in my life ranging from friends to coaches, to competitions and etc. Some experiences that I have gone through alpha have increased my overall well being as a person and as an athlete. From winning a gold at a national championship to the death of the most influential and lovable coach I will ever have. Without Alpha the perspective of my life would be changed dramatically, most likely in a negative way. I can't wait for this year. Love you Tammy J looking forward to an unforgettable 2010, and you can bet on that."
– Javier Rodriguez , 16 Athlete
"I have been with Alpha for almost 3 years now and it has been and will be an unforgettable experience. I remember my first practices at Alpha, I was nervous because I didn't know anyone but now my teammates I didn't know are my family. Through the years, Alpha hasn't only taught me techniques for running, drills, and many other track-and-field skills but life lessons. I was lucky enough to have been coached by the late Coach Arthur Foster, a great coach, friend, and inspiring mentor who will always be remembered. I had known Coach Horace from before but I hadn't met Coach Alex. After a few weeks I got to know him even more and I learned a lot from him and was lucky to work with him in the summer. When nationals came around I was pumped and ready for action, especially for long jump! As a result, I got 9 by a centimeter, missing a national medal. I'm sure that Alpha will give me all the principles I will need to become a successful person." "
– Corina Velazco, 14-Athlete 
"Our daughter, Jillian Gil has been a member of Alpha and Omega Track Club since December 2008The coaching, guidance, and leadership provided by Coaches Tammy Foster and Alex Bedoya has been instrumental in improving Jillian's running technique and skills and helped her to define and develop important positive team spirit, character and the desire to do her personal best. Jillian was also very fortunate to have developed strong relationships with many other motivated athletes of high character through her experience in the club; many of whom we know she will continue lifelong relationshipsWe highly recommend this club to anyone interested in running and track and field and would be happy to discuss our experience with interested parties and potential members. "
– Dr. and Mrs. Ruben J. Gil, Parents
"Alpha has had many effects on my life. Mostly, Alpha has taught me what it means to be determined. It means to finish whatever you start -- even if it's hard -- and to try your best in whatever you do. Alpha has also affected me by teaching me that determination doesn't just mean to finish a race _ it means to strive to get good grades and to be a determined family member and friend. C u soon,"
– Sofia Miguez, 11- Athlete
"My name is Alexandra Montero. as a member of Alpha Omega Elite Tract Team for the past 7 years,. I am enjoying many benefits as a High School Freshman. Apart of the discipline and character built over these years, I am in excellent physical condition. Every sport that I try out I get selected not to the JV, but to the Varsity Team. I owe this success to the dedication and patience of all my coaches in Alpha Omega, especially to the deceased Arthur Foster. Becoming a member of the Alfa Omega team has made me a better and more confident runner. It is also helping me to become a better soccer player. Having goals makes me work harder because I keep reaching toward them every practice, but if I don't succeed, I will always try harder next time. When I first started with the Alpha Omega team, I realized that we do not only run, but we also do sit-ups, pushups, and other similar exercises."
– Gabriella M. - 5th Grade Runner 
"I have had many experiences with Alpha Omega. One experience, running when I was sick, that confronted me this season, is to never give up. Trying just to be there is not enough; you have to show that you deserve to be there. Also you have to keep trying even if you are losing. Alpha coaches and members are always very supporting and loving. I love Alpha Omega and want to continue."
– Alyssa Fraga, 11- Athlete
"Gone but not forgotten... "
– Karina Silva
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